Saturday, 14 April 2012

Transport interchange = foot traffic = commercial success

This is a bus and train transport 'interchange' twin-building proposal we designed that aimed to link a regional NSW city hospital on one side of the railway with the commercial centre on the other side. It will require the agreement of around twenty land owners, state rail and the city to move forward.

It is now a matter of making the numbers work, and encouraging the various commercial land owners to either sell or take a stake in the project. The development will revitalise a struggling area of town because of the simple equation: Secure transport interchange = large numbers of relaxed foot traffic = retail and commercial success.

Working now in land assembly here in Vancouver, I get to help owners join in this city renewal process.

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  1. You will love my Bus-Rail Interchange that I am working on! We have the foot traffic down pat on all the different levels with some sophisticated pedestrian/spatial modelling, if I may say so! P