Sunday, 9 September 2012

An Australian in Whistler

In this Whistler home for a local Structural Engineer, the budget and site called for a disciplined design approach.

In Canada, there are recognised styles for homes such as "West Coast Contemporary" (angular roofs, stepped rectangular wall forms and exposed timber); "Craftsman" (contempory interpetations of Californian homes from the 1920s-30s with big roof overhangs); "Tudor" and the 1970's Vancouver Special", amongst others.

A new style is emerging here. It has a simple form; efficient floor layout; and creates drama through structural expression and vertical space. Due its design influences, the outcome is termed "Australian Modernism".

It is appropriate that the first such home is built in Whistler, BC, because as any Aussie snowboarder will tell you, Whistler is the Canadian capital of Australia.

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