Saturday, 22 September 2012

Site Analysis and Design: bringing order to the chaos

Here is a typical 'Site Analysis' for a multifamily project on a land consolidation of 6 lots.

Messy isn't it. All these apparently chaotic site influences are considered together as you find the priorities for setting the design direction on a project. The environmental issues were:
  • The sun's path relative to the site;
  • Trees that should be kept
  • Landscape screening that should be retained
  • The site topography and the surface features
  • Cooling breezes and unpleasant winds
  • Noise producers and neighbourhood privacy
  • Nearby heritage building
  • Traffic movement around the site
  • Pedestrian access to adjacent transport
  • Overshadowing from others and over neighbours
  • Opportunity for views (especially long distance) 

Below is the design solution that fitted the City's setback and density restraints along with considering the commercial reality of creating an attractive development that would suit the community. The commercial design issues for fast 'absorbtion' were:
  • Apartment size
  • Quality of finish
  • Sunlight in living spaces
  • Cross ventilation in apartments
  • Bed / ensuite number and ratio
  • Highlighting available views
  • Common facilities
  • Privacy
  • Parking to apartment ratio
  • Strata costs
  • Long term maintenance
  • Elevators and access (especially as occupants get older)

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