Sunday, 21 October 2012

Great Building Design Guide (Part One: "The Truth is Out There")

To design a great building, first of all know that:

"every problem carries within itself its own solution, a solution to be reached only by the intense inner concentration of a sincere devotion to Truth".
Frank Lloyd Wright (Autobiography)

Knowing this, we confidently begin. The best thing about building design is using your mind in a unique way to solve real problems. It is called thinking conceptually. Conceptual thinking starts with thoroughly understanding the problem. The 'problem' can be defined by two fundamental things: 
  • The character and needs of the building owner and end user
          (the client)
  • The good points and the bad points of the land on which the building is to be built 
          (the site)

Buildings are a complex arrangement of rooms or spaces whose uses may conflict with each other, especially as you consider light, ventilation, noise, views, access, safety and privacy.

next time: " pull all the issues together takes a concept. Conceptual thinking involves broadly and loosely..."

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