Saturday, 19 January 2013

In the end it is all about absorbtion speed

When you reach the speed of sound you hear a large bang or 'sonic boom'...called breaking the sound barrier, then again at mach two (twice the speed of sound). In real estate this is called selling off the plan...and it can be fast.

This assembly of property expecting to be rezoned for up to 7 :1 highrise density in the downtown core of North Delta, may well be one of those epic storeys of queues at the  display unit and rapid absorbtion.

When I first arrived here, I found that there was very little for seniors (who loved the area); for students (attending Kwantlen University) and young families who needed an easy commute either by bus or car to Vancouver (and be close to Costco). The bus interchange is opposite the site.

Local families rave about the safety and convenience of being close to Safeway, London Drugs AND the Cinema. With three Starbucks within walking distance it is already a true urban community meeting place.

This sketch is a visual aid to show one way to manage the interestingly shaped site, but you will need a locally registered BC Architect to capture your vision for the rezoning.

Do call me, if you are interested in the assembled property. At 7:1 FAR it is great value. The City recently approved a high rise at 4.6:1 a few blocks away but what we have here is a true downtown core site.

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