Saturday, 9 February 2013

Australian teenagers finding the call in Whistler

The arrow on the right points to the sunniest hillside facing both of the Whistler Resort Mountains. This is the subject of a ski chalet I am currently designing specifically for Australian ski-lovers. The amazing thing is how easy the government make it for Australians to own property here.

Here is the plan: Your teenager is not sure what life is calling them to do. Whistler is full of young Australians from both sides of the continent...all doing good solid physical and resort community work. You buy the ski chalet for your family and your kids spend a year working on the mountain, thinking through their future and making new life-long friends, in a profoundly different and beautiful environment.

The great part is that prices are half what they should be right now and I can design an extraordinary holiday home with a caretaker suite, that looks across a lake at one of the most epic ski resorts in the world, only two hours drive from downtown Vancouver.

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