Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How different are we? The story of CLT

A recent Australian property news survey said that nearly 70% of home owners would be perfectly happy if their condo was made of timber. Would that be true of Canadians?

The world's tallest timber apartment building was just completed in Australia and it has some elegant interior design details that express the cross laminated timber (CLT) construction method.

The building is in Melbourne by 'Lend Lease'. Its walls and floor are made of solid slabs of timber. According to the builders, the the cross laminated layers virtually eliminate shrinkage and the entire building is six times lighter than concrete. It was much cleaner and a pleasure to build.

The use of  3D building modeling and linking the files straight to the cutting machine make everything move more smoothly. The on-site speed of construction is breathtaking, and so are the cost savings.

My Canadian colleagues and I have been wanting to collaborate on the tallest timber apartment here in Vancouver. I am thinking a 30 storey twin tower would be a healthy pill for revitalising the urban landscape.  

Twin tower proposal on the east coast of AUS 

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