Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Magic Number is 7142

How do you encourage pioneering development?

High density may all make sense when you study the population, the surrounding facilities and the travel to work times, it is even environmentally sound, but how do you get the 'risk adverse developer' to look your way?

Well, at Delta in British Columbia, the City team have come up with a fascinating new strategy. Make life EASIER for developers. I know you will be a little confused by this concept, but its true.

BYLAW 7142 front page


The new Bylaw 7142 has three big incentives for the boys who like to build over thirty storeys high:
  •  Property Tax exemptions for three years (can amount to over $2M in savings)
  • 80 percent reduction in DCC's (Development Cost Charges)
  • Waiver of building permit, plumbing permit and land use application municipal fees
Clearly, the Corporation of Delta is "open for business".  

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