Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sir Torrens the Aussie saves you from the Knight.

Real Estate Title in Western Canada introduced in 1860 through an Aussie.

Robert Richard Torrens, from solid Irish stock, was a South Australian customs officer who believed that the ownership registration of ships could be applied to the ownership interests in land. So the Torrens System 'guaranteeing' title (known as indefeasibility) was born.  He earned a knighthood for that stroke of genius.

Sir Torren's work means that if you bought your property for a fair price in good faith you can relax in the knowledge that you own the title to the land, even if something dodgy happened in the past.

It would be terrible to think that the Knight returning home from the crusade (the actual owner) could kick you out because someone tricked you.

Thankfully, our weary and somewhat angry Knight should be looked after by the 'Assurance Fund', and you can sleep at night.

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