Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Test of Time

The Great Hall, Sydney University
The Great Hall at Sydney University has passed the 'Test of Time' with flying colours. What makes a building last and be relevant for future generations? What makes it have 'heritage', not just because it is old?

There is social heritage, meaning lives were changed here, culture was created and great worth was given to an individual's achievement.

Then there is the building itself, its place in history and the dream and aspirations it created when it was conceived, built and paid for. The enormous energy it took to create this special place is a story of dedication, ideas and great hope in a new land.

What work are we making now that will pass a University Examination of Time?

I am the first to agree that there is more to life than what you can see and touch, however, cities are on the hunt for great land owners who will step up and partner with the finest craftsman and designers, using materials that last and stand for generations. This is one example of the word: Legacy.

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