Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Geoduck, Sea Cucumber and Me


A Perfect Partnership - Asian Delicacy meets Western Knowhow


Luxury Asian Seafood Business with Land and Sea Ranch for equity sale

An rare opportunity exists to enter a closely guarded industry where Geoduck and Sea Cucumber licences are worth millions of dollars.

The proforma shows a very high yield on investment after an initial product grow out period. Investment of $20M will help to provide a $28M sustainable yearly harvest of the highest grade product.

The Principal, who is keen to invest in teaching and guiding the next generation of owners, is considered to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on Geoduck Clam Aquaculture. In 1977, he was a Founding Director of the Underwater Harvesters’ Association (UHA) and through many years of diving, harvesting and hatchery research, has an unsurpassed understanding of creating a healthy and productive sea ranch. 
The group owns and runs a shellfish aquaculture hatchery, built at a cost of $6M, and have the largest equity position in sub-tidal Geoduck aquaculture tenures in British Columbia.
These tenures are in various stages of development. Empty, the tenures have a market value of over $20 million. Their value has greatly increased due to successful geoduck planting and growth. Over the last three years, the hatchery produced over 6 million Geoduck seeds. Much of this crop has been planted and sold and currently covers over 20 hectares of the 89 hectare tenure. 

This program of planting is on-going and after the first eight year grow out period, the tenure is calculated to yield a $28 Million harvest per year. 

The hatchery also currently sells Oyster seed and is in the process of culturing Sea Cucumber, Cockle, Urchin and Scallop.

Macdonald Commercial are pleased to present for an investment of $20,000,000 the offering of an equity position in the following:

  • 89 Hectare (220 Acre) Savary Island sub-tidal tenure and hatchery with multi-species hatchery license and associated 8 acre property on Victoria Island
  • A Geoduck license, three Sea Cucumber licenses and the aquaculture tenure harvest (immediate return through supply of wild Geoduck and Sea Cucumber). A single Geoduck licence has a market value of $6M (there are only 55 licences available in BC).

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