Friday, 6 October 2017

Land Assembly Valuation

Concept Plan

How do you value property on a land assembly deal?

You might go to the MLS, look at active and sold listings in the last few months, look at trends and list comparbles and come up with a number. 

Here is where Commercial Real Estate and Architecture join forces.

The Value of Land is based on the Vision we bring.

Massing Study
Vision for land is created by
  • Site Analysis 
  • Masterplanning 
  • Massing Studies 
  • By-Law Interpretation

The aim is to build agreement between Buyers, Sellers, the City and ultimately the local community to come up with the highest and best use of the land and find a solution where everyone wins.

When we do the right amount of the upfront work to create vision by Site Analysis / Masterplanning / Massing Studies and By-Law interpretation, the whole process which can be over two years can be much smoother.

Apart from managing the complexity of price, the terms of sale in a commercial deal often involves some inventive responses as we satisfy the clients needs. This is always fascinating because there are lots of interesting moving parts.

Our ultimate aim is three things:  Find a solution that excites the Developer, satisfies the Seller and creates Value.

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