Thursday 17 December 2020

Sydney Harbour Pavilion - Competition

We were pleased to have the opportunity to enter an architectural competition in Sydney in 2020. 

Our entry for the harbourside competition brought together the elemental golden ratio with the local aboriginal historic love for abalone. 

The pavilion is a gathering place where 'We See, We Smile, We Social' - branded Anuna which can be translated,  'We'. 

The abalone shell is a natural occurrence of the Golden Ratio. 

The crisp shell form resolves into a 'Rotunda' at the centre of the geometry. The Rotunda represents a 'picnic in the park' platform for public performance.

During events, roof mounted cannons of light become event searchlights on the western clouds and during the day the oval skylights form brightly lit booths for family play.

Anuna is a waterside place of reflection that can be charged with life, energy and activity for all ages.

The official requirements were for three A3 size landscape panels. We decided to make a newspaper like announcement, with headlines and backstory (click on image to see larger version):

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