Friday, 13 January 2017

Art, Architecture and Business School

Above my workspace an old life drawing sits beside the AIBC Certificate of Practice
In building an Architect, there is a bedrock of loose artistic expression and exploration of form to be enjoyed. 

This is simultaneously connected to the time spent in the inventive yet disciplined 3D world of master building.

A piece of land that must be bought. The purchase of real estate is a commercial exchange that is hotly negotiated, bringing into play huge financial courage and grit.

Now the artistic DNA that started the journey require the tempering fires of commercial life and times:
  • Does the value of the land support the cost of the building?
  • Will my client now be successful in his marketplace?
  • Will the next sale price cover the cost of land + building?
  • Will it sell fast enough?
Every project needs to begin with a vision or unified artistic expression that informs design decisions further down the track. That is the part Architects love. 

It is also important to understand our client has been in a heady commercial battlefield of land purchase, sometimes well before he has knocked on the Architect's door. 

The journey of land purchase and sale is thrilling, as is the long road of realizing the dream you can one day walk into.  

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