Friday, 17 February 2017

Why a Blog Instead of a Splash Page?

"But you only have a blog..."

...was commented recently. So I began pondering why...

I had a website for ten years that presented my favorite projects. What I realized though, is that it dated very fast. A third party designed it back then and the formula for changing it was a mystery. I found myself at arm's length to get it to reflect where things were at.

Now in a constantly changing and dynamic world of bringing together development projects, it seemed should evolve more into a conversation. So the blog was born and was pointed to it.

Projects are now are rich and varied, ranging from helping masterplan new communities for transit oriented development (TOD) to joyfully resolving the finest detail of copper construction. 

A static website wouldn't reflect issues in an up to date way but there is more. While a website puts makeup on my face to help me look my best, the values and reasons behind what we do are a work in progress, generally more interesting, useful and hopefully less self focussed.

The motive is this: I am hoping you will chose Andrew Scott Architecture and Planning (ASAP) for your next building project, including guidance in choosing the right land. That is why the Real Estate license make sense. Having the local Architect's Certificate of Practice means I can begin the design conversation too.

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